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Season of Creation 2020
A Jubilee for the earth

As happens every year, from September 1st to October 4th, Christians and all persons of good will are invited to celebrate the “Season of creation”. This year an international ecumenical group has proposed the theme: “Jubilee for the earth”.

In Christian tradition a jubilee is a time of liberation, of forgiving debts and letting the earth rest.  It is celebrated as a time for restoration, to repair our relationships with others and with the whole of Creation.  see Lev. 25. For us today, this time can be an opportunity to reflect on changing paradigms, moving towards ecological conversion, away from exploiting the earth and the poor.   

During the lockdown, due to the pandemic, we were able to observe “a time of relief” for the earth as wild species returned to rural and urban areas.  Shouldn’t we establish times of rest without having it forced upon us due to catastrophe? Aside from the suffering experienced by many of our contemporaries, others have noticed “relief” in their personal lives as they let go of unnecessary practices and allow for the emergence of more tenable situations, times of calm, rest, with quality time for relatives and nature.

For us Catholics throughout the world, this “Season of creation 2020” is all the more important as Pope Francis’ announced a “Year of Laudato Si’” from May 24, 2020 until May 24, 2021.

The whole world is being mobilised, why not us!

Do we want to be left out!

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