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RECOLLECTION: PSALMS OF THANKSGIVING (8 & 9 February, 2020, St Jacut les Pins)

We were a dozen associates and friends from the Region of France, with sisters Annie and Maria, for a time of recollection facilitated by Sister Emilienne. Below Isabelle from Vannes gives her testimonial:

I give thanks to God for the recollection weekend that was such a wonderful gift… Thank you Emilienne for your availability – your dedication and the time you spent preparing all the documents (not forgetting your teammate Maria) for your reflections and for deepening the Psalms of thanksgiving. You awakened in me the spontaneity of gratitude that I experience at the beginning of my personal prayer even if at times, my prayer is nothing more than…God loves always first – the goodness of the Lord accompanies me on the journey…
Bless the Lord. Thank you, Lord, for making possible these meetings held over the last 2 days: meetings of associates and sisters who are always cheerful – smiling – welcoming… For sharing the Sunday noon meal with the sisters (some who we don’t know). Bless the Lord.

“I will bless Yahweh at all times, his praise continually on my lips.” PS 34:1

I just want to add something: Sister Emilienne knows how to captivate us with a simple explanation that is up to date and shows the gratuitous gift of God from the beginning of time. Our gratitude goes, above all, to our God the creator of the cosmos and of human beings to whom he gave everything for their happiness. He saved us through the gift of his love given fully in his Son and brought to completion by his Spirit. The Psalms also talk about God’s attentiveness and how he only wants what is good for us, from the time of our ancestor Abraham up until today. He loves us unconditionally, which he shows through his patience. He wants to bring us out of darkness and let his light fill us with joy for his greater glory. We closed with the Magnificat, expressing Mary’s appreciation and tenderness towards God.

Our gratitude goes to Angélique and her companions, to the sisters who allow us to live this free gift of God in a filial and fraternal spirit. “Wonderful are all your works, Oh Lord, you fill us with joy.”