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• According to the UN, the objective of “World Earth Day” is to raise public awareness about the challenges faced by our planet based on the idea that the Earth and its ecosystems are what feeds and supports us throughout life. It is an invitation to learn how to appreciate the unique character of our planet Earth with its incredible biodiversity.

According to the official site earthday.org, it is about encouraging the training of a large number of people to make them aware of the issues around climate change and increase their resolve to promote, wherever they live, collective action to protect the environment. Various national and international activities are therefore being organized across the continents to help people understand biodiversity and learn how to protect nature, plants, animals and the environment in its totality. This is an opportunity for citizens to reflect on the damage being done to the planet … and carry out super simple day to day actions to preserve it.

• What to do on Wednesday April 22, 2020 to participate in Earth Day?
On the internet site earthday.org different initiatives are listed allowing you to see what actions are being carried out in your local area. There are many suggestions as to what can be done, individually, as a family or collectively. Here are a few examples:

Encourage the buying of more organic products, reduction of waste, recycling and reuse, or promoting the fight against climate change.

Other clever tips available to everyone: turn off the lights when you leave a room; use public transportation, bicycle, carpool or use your legs; shut off the water while brushing your teeth or shavingRent instead of buying, this will lead to the reduction of waste over the long-term.

Other green actions: choose to “shop locally” by eating local and in season produce, thereby reducing gas emissions, pollution and food waste, return expired or unused medication to your pharmacy, once collected it can be turned into energy.

And finally, something that is becoming more widespread: adopting one or two chickens, just one chicken can eat up to 150 kilos of garbage per year. The cherry on the cake is that they provide fresh eggs every morning for breakfast …