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For weeks the sisters of the Mother House had been consulted as to the kind of tree they wanted to plant to mark the 5th anniversary of the Encyclical Laudato Si. A flowering tree, the Indian Lilly tree, was finally chosen and when it arrived it was placed in the courtyard awaiting planting.   

It seemed that September 29th was the opportune time to plant the tree.  So that the sisters could participate in the ceremony and then watch the tree grow and flower, a place for it was reserved on the grounds, east of the buildings.  Throughout the week, we celebrated Vespers with an ecological tone to make us more aware of our responsibility in relation to the earth, with the certainty that small gestures make a difference when we are thousands doing them.

Standing for long periods is difficult for many of us, so we began with a prayerful celebration in two community rooms and then those who were able went outside on the grounds.


With the help of Daniel and Philippe the tree was planted.

Father Jean Dréano blessed the tree with a prayer that was composed especially for the occasion.

It is very alone at the moment on these spacious grounds, but it must surely feel how it has caught the interest of the sisters, having a mission to constantly remind us of our commitment.  We wish the tree a good life!

Yvette Guyot sscj